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Vàng SJC 1L - 10L 54.850 55.500
Vàng nhẫn SJC 99,99 1 chỉ, 2 chỉ, 5 chỉ 53.350 53.950
Vàng nhẫn SJC 99,99 0,5 chỉ 53.350 54.050
Vàng nữ trang 99,99% 52.950 53.750
Vàng nữ trang 99% 52.218 53.218
Vàng nữ trang 75% 38.467 40.467
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AUD 16,697.63 17,395.01
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CNY 3,454.94 3,599.78
DKK - 3,835.28
EUR 27,307.60 28,700.37
GBP 30,129.26 31,387.63
HKD 2,910.29 3,031.84
INR - 325.24
JPY 214.05 225.20
KRW 18.21 22.16
KWD - 78,551.53
MYR - 5,744.00
NOK - 2,684.09
RUB - 342.80
SAR - 6,396.38
SEK - 2,789.51
SGD 16,858.69 17,562.80
THB 676.89 780.35
USD 23,020.00 23,230.00
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History and development

Corporation Hangzhou Chengdu was established in 2012. The factory produced livestock feed high-tech company based in Guangzhou Chengdu Industrial Park Road Lot B5 Van Don, Son Tra, Da Nang City was put into operation , create more jobs for local workers, contribute to improving life for residents in the area, reduce the difficulty for people without jobs.

In recent years, the development of enterprises associated with economic context - world politics there are sharp fluctuations directly affect the economy Vietnam nascent market, especially in agricultural markets is a core business of the units. The area of ​​arable land for food crops shrunk, biotechnology serve the clean energy sector to take away a large part of the processing of animal feed, leading to price increase of raw materials, mutations .

Global climate abnormal fluctuations; rainstorm disaster led to declining crop yields, disease in cattle - poultry appear multiple, diverse, difficult to control. Causing great damage to farmers and herders. Markets produce - seafood processing encountered strong competition, fierce from companies with foreign capital.

Reception, help create favorable conditions for enterprises to build and pioneering development in the province's new Party and local authorities, Da Nang City as a potential city to have great motivation boosting enterprise Guangzhou Urban Development go up.

With wise leadership and skillful handling of Mr. Le Van Dung and Director leads, business leaders overcome all the difficulties and shortcomings of the first phase of construction and development is successful as day today. Here is the harmonious combination between the knowledge formal education at home and abroad with the summarized experience, predictability, implementation of good financial management, cost savings to increase profits business. Combined with the development policy of human resources and skilled executive with center gathering strength, the unity, efforts of all officers and employees of the company to create a breakthrough for all enterprise system.

After 3 years, from a food factory farming of aquatic serve this single became Corporation Guangzhou Chengdu with systems of subsidiaries and branches operate in many manufacturing sectors - business such as:
- Production of animal feed, poultry and fisheries
- Processing and preservation of aquatic and fishery products
- Remediation activities and other waste management
- General services
Period 2012 - 2013 The company has many projects of new plant construction, technology improvement, building production lines 2, 3 in the model of modern technology should generate much higher costs, thus the rate of return compared with revenue is not high. Time to go into production plant stable margins will increase significantly.
- Growth - Revenue next year compared with last year increased by 40%
- Growth capital next year compared with last year increased by 50%
- The growth rate of income per worker increased by 30%
- Workers involved social insurance contributions - Health: 100%
- Obligation to state budget: Paying taxes next year is much higher than the previous year.
In the process of integration, competition and development, which requires businesses to innovate; product quality must rise up companies that actively invest in new equipment for the enterprise; using devices of modern technological lines to create better products, higher productivity and more restrictive labor. Contribute to the sustainable development of the country ./.