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Fish Meal type CD65

Quality ingredients are the key issues in aquaculture feed. Selecting appropriate materials for blending feed for aquatic animals must meet two basic conditions are quality and price. So understanding the composition and characteristics of each type of raw materials used in processed food is essential.

In the production of animal feed is often split by mass and intended use. In food formulations, the raw materials are divided as follows:
    - Group provides protein: fish meal, shrimp meal, soybean meal ...
    - Power supply group: bran, groats, wheat ...
    - Group provides minerals: bone powder, oyster powder, mineral premix
    - Group offers vitamins include vitamins can be found in raw or vitamin premix
    - Group supplements: Nutrition enhancers group, group aids digestion, growth ....

We sort CD65 bearing fishmeal full of these factors, one of the top-quality fish meal is more private area used as the main food source for aquatic products

Ingredients Fish Meal type CD65
Fish Meal - Bột Cá Loại CD65 (65% Protein)
Parameters Specifications
Protein 65% Min
Fat 10% Max
Moisture 10% Max
Sand & Silica 2% Max
Ash 20% Max
Acid value 25-30% Max
TVBN 120 mg/100g
Histamine 500 ppm. Max

The impact of microorganisms

The adverse impact of the growth of fungi in food preservation: Generally mold will easily grow at over 70% humidity, temperature 35 - 40 ° C. Nutritional content of food dropped, the important nutrients are lost as lipids, amino acids and vitamins due to the decomposition of fungal enzymes. Mushrooms also help the development of the oil rancid fatty acids alter the smell and appearance of food, make food to clot, decrease in value.

Preservation methods

Preserving fish meal properly means making against agents such as temperature, air humidity, bacteria, the attack of insects and rodents.

In food storages should note some important principles. Preserved food, depending on the type of food, not the background to the floor or against the wall. The preservation of necessary 100% no touch water, the material must be moisture preservation. Raw materials used in food production depends on the nature of that storage and use in production as soon as possible. The storage materials should be limited variety of mold infestation and insects. A disadvantage is the temperature in storage tend to rise and harm in storage. Escape reasonable understanding of preservation will bring greater efficiency. Always pay attention that the storage will not increase the quality of the product but only to slow the reduction of product quality.
For further information please contact:
Phone: 0511 3 921 636 - Fax: 0511 3 921 636
Email: chaudodanang@gmail.com - Website: http://www.chaudogroup.com