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Advice lean pig meat

During breeding lean pigs, each pig breeding farm to choose for themselves how livestock and various foods.However, practice shows how livestock following many swine attention.

First, farmers often choose these breeds have a high proportion of lean and have adapted to the climate conditions of Vietnam. Exotic breeds often have 3/4 or 7/8 pigs with foreign blood. When selecting piglets to feed, farmers selected note pig was characterized by a long, shoulder butt hatch, solid foot bar, belly neat, sparse hair, thin skin, rosy healthy, not diseased and injected Full control.

About barns and equipment sheds, pig farmers must note barn layout tall, clean and cool in summer and warm in winter to avoid the rain attacks, draughty. Direction reasonable choose to arrange housing is east-west. Select this direction is to avoid the sun's radiation for livestock. Because when the temperature is too hot, pigs will eat less or have feelings of appetite, leading to growth retardation.

If selected in the direction of the above, appropriate temperature, swine adaptable, both edible and growth. Floor should be concrete and sloping. Do not dress glossy avoid the presence of water, will be slippery pig trough fall ... separate dining and design using the right size. Besides pens must arrange drainage distribution system, wastewater and excreta disposal pit.

Regular cleaning cages, instruments and equipment for animal husbandry ... If the density is too high is not enough room for the pigs to eat, sleep, we would fight. So must be arranged so that the density scale rational reality of housing. Normally, a maximum of 15 - 30 animals / cages (1.0 to 1.2 m2 / pig). Biggest stage when the average finisher 1m2 / child.

Regarding food and nutrition directly depending pig in different stages. Mixed food to balance the composition and nutritional value, ensure the quantity, quality and variety. According to company officials VIC: There are many kinds of products for people to lean pig meat can choose at will as Star 01 (for phase pigs 15-30kg), Star 02 for pigs 30-60kg, V5012S, V5013S ...

A few years ago, when the counselors, farmers also access and select the type of cereal product fermented liquid concentrate combined with Golden Pigs in lean hog raisers. Mrs. Le Thi Ut Thien Huong commune, Thuy Nguyen district has used the product of the Golden Pig nearly 7 years of lean pig said: Camp of regular family maintains about 100 pigs.

Since pigs so far, selection camp right products Pigs Gold. Over many years of pig in the Gold Concentrates Pigs, she noticed this type of product to use leisure, not for cooking and for highly efficient farming, pig attracts more product choices.