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Raw feed

Feed materials include materials that stands for feed production. Farmers always know how to apply these techniques fully blend of nutrients for livestock breeding business, the profits will be higher. We would like to share the main ingredient in animal feed as follows:
I. Material from dry Soybean Meal
The product obtained after extracting most from soybean oil. Products with powdered piece, porous, yellow brown and distinct aroma. As soybean soybean-based products, after shelling the nuts are dried, fresh characteristic yellow color.
II. Raw alcohol from corn cup
Protein-rich byproduct of the production of ethanol from corn. Products with coarse powder, bright yellow, dark yellow or brown and have a distinct aroma of fermented products
III. Dry material from bitter reform
The product obtained after extraction of oil from rapeseed most bitter, pelletized products, golden brown.
IV. Feed materials from powders poultry
The product is used as a very good source of protein supplement for livestock and poultry can replace other similar products
V. feed material from defatted rice bran
The product obtained after extraction of oil from rice bran, dried and then pelleting, silver gray.
 bran, groats, corn, cassava, wheat and oil to ensure at least 9 million tonnes per year (average of the energy supply of raw materials account for 60-70% of the feed formula). Using rice as animal feed is not necessarily the type used for export rub the ball and get it right kind of brown rice, current prices fluctuate 6600-6700 / kg. Compared to wheat, corn is still cheaper than a lot of rice should be completely replaced, used as food ingredients. Wheat bran with high fiber content than corn (9.7 versus 2.9%) and lower starch (27 versus 64%) for cows should eat less wheat bran digestive disorders and blood evidence when attempting eat corn. Fiber itself, the acid content of fiber (ADF) of wheat bran digestible than corn is very high: 13.5 versus 3.3%. Research wheat bran alone or in a mixture of dry maize + soybean oil, similar to the crude protein, the growth and reproductive performance equally well. Thus, wheat bran is a concentrate is the cattle grazing priority selection, before the mixed crystal beads + protein, by simply manipulating the cost of food to save more.
VI. Feed materials from wheat bran member
As a byproduct of the manufacture of flour and grits, mainly including the shell, then pressed into cylindrical shaped member, gray and silver.
VII. Feed material from dry coconut
The product obtained after extraction of most of the coconut oil was dried, powdered products, dark brown and distinct aroma.
VIII. Feed material from Dry brush
The product obtained after extraction of oil from palm nuts most products have a powder, brown and readily absorbs heat from high phosphorus containing components.
IX. Feed material from squid liver Meal
Squid liver powder is a source of protein, fats are good for pets. These products are used in many aquatic food processing. Of digestion and absorption of high squid liver powder, contains many free amino acid, nucleptides, taurine, so when mixed with food will increase palatability and improve growth of shrimp, fish. Especially the free amino acid in the liver powder cartridge is shared lure, stimulate the feeding of aquatic animals. Squid liver powder can also be used as an additive in the manufacture of feed for livestock as pigs and chickens.